About us - Who are we?

Iyia Liu (Director)

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Iyia is an Auckland based Entrepreneur, specialising in social media marketing and e-commerce.

In April 2015, at age 21 Iyia founded e-commerce business Waist Trainer with $6000 in savings and sold within one year grew her business into a global business, selling to over 90+ countries around the world through social media channels.

In July 2016, Iyia founded and launched Luxe Fitness, a line of health supplements and fitness related products.

In December 2017, Iyia founded and launched Bambi Boutique, a womens online clothing retailer, and used her strategies to grow her social following from 0 to a combined 250,000 followers within the first month, then using that social following to generate consistent sales organically.

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In July 2018, Iyia founded and launched Celebration Box, an online gift boxing website. With only a $4000 initial, generated 10,000 sales in the first 3 and a half months, using social media platforms to consistently generate sales organically.

Each one of these businesses were grown through social media channels and platforms.

We now help other businesses grow through social platforms, to generate more brand awareness, co-ordinate user generated content and garner more web traffic.