If you want to generate more revenue, brand awareness and gain more clients and customers for your business using social media, you've come to the right place.

Essentially the goal is to use social media to grow your business to generate more revenue & sales, build up your following to generate ongoing organic web traffic, as well as brand awareness and brand loyalty. We will also assist with general business strategy to improve your overall sales funnel and conversion.



The ‘Basics’ Package

$195NZD + GST p/week management fee for 3 hours p/w (recommended for small businesses & start ups) - $845 + GST p/month

The ‘Inclusive’ Package (MOST POPULAR)

$395NZD + GST p/w management fee for 6 hours p/w (recommended for small - medium size businesses) - $1711 + GST p/month

The ‘Rapid Growth’ Package

$540NZD + GST p/w management fee for 9 hours p/w (recommended for small - large businesses) - $2340 + GST p/month

What we can do:

  • Growth strategy

  • PR Events

  • General business recommendations and improvements

  • Posting on Facebook / Instagram

  • Social platform community management

  • Influencer Strategy

  • Contacting and liaising with influencers

  • Controlling brand giveaways / promotions via Social Media

  • Creating & organising posts giveaways / promotions

  • Organising product to be sent to influencers

  • Scheduling in post dates & approving content

  • Organising campaigns and product launches with influencers

  • Organising strategic collaboration giveaways with other brands or businesses

  • PR send outs to relevant influencers

  • Email marketing - Graphic Design & Send Outs

Most agencies will lock you in for 3-6 months, however as we are very confident in the work we do for our clients, you can cancel at any time with 1 full months notice.



NEED GUIDANCE? Business isn't growing? NOT ENOUGH WEB VISITORS?web visitors aren't converting? marketing techniques aren't working?

We will analyse your business and create a one-off strategy to optimise and improve your business strategies and digital marketing, to take your business to the next level.

Strategy Can Include:

  • Analysis of your aspiring or current business

  • Go over any pitfalls

  • Suggested changes and improvements

  • Go over marketing techniques and strategy

  • Put together a growth strategy focusing on digital marketing

  • Plan going forwards